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This paper is about what you are trying to create and how to think about creating it, not all the nitty gritty details of Chat Script coding you need.

At the very end is a two page quick cheat-sheet titled Instant Chat Script about actually coding a chatbot by extending Harry, a tiny bot that comes with Chat Script.

He bought himself a 3D printer, spent over ,000, and created Mark 1 in 18 months.

But he doesn’t think robots could replace humans, even though they are, indeed, important assets for the economy.

And Chat Script has been used to provide natural language mapping into appropriate SQL queries on the Dun and Brad Street business database. Is it an agent to provide answers about something or from the world? Will it be accessed via a mobile browser, a desktop browser, or a custom app?

So Chat Script is really all about determining what a user says in natural language and making an appropriate response. This affects how much your bot can say at once and how much access to knowledge it has.

Since you are about to write bots for the first time, we thought we'd share some of our views on it with you.

Besides the discussion of how this could become a legal issue, the robot named Mark 1 also brought (back) to the surface the question of whether realistic female robots would be yet another source for the objectification of women.

The issue has already been addressed by , but Ma doesn’t seem to comprehend that.

With technology constantly evolving, one would think that chat bots get a little more convincing too.

As it so happens I recently got a contact request from a nice young lady that had something very special to offer.