Are joanna newsom and andy samberg dating

The instrument, in other words, is a lot like the music of Joanna Newsom, who plays one: elaborately, beautifully, preposterously well-wrought.

Newsom has the unlikely distinction of being the best-known harpist in American indie music, and she's probably the best-known harpist in America, period, selling hundreds of thousands of records and earning champions like Will Oldham, who gave Newsom her big break; Dave Eggers, who's written rhapsodically about her; and Paul Thomas Anderson, who cast her in A few years later, an impressed instructor taught her a revelatory new way to think about the instrument, derived from polymetric West African traditions, that stoked Newsom's sense that harps were capable of more than just making pretty glissandi: "The idea is that the left hand" — which plays the bass part — "is very grounded, playing a steady one-two-three-four beat, and that's the earth," Newsom says.

In fact, it was never even announced publicly that Newsom was pregnant.

The magazine didn't have details about the baby's name or birth date, so not much is known about the newest member of their family.

Tuesday afternoon the new dad hit Fox's panel today in Los Angeles at the Television Critics Association summer press tour for his show,which is entering its fifth season.

Joanna Newsom has mostly been quiet since touring around the release of her excellent 2015 album Divers, and releasing “Make Hay,” an outtake from the album’s sessions, almost a year ago.

Today a representative for her husband, comedian Andy Samberg, confirmed that the pair have welcomed their first child, a baby girl! Details about the baby’s name and date of birth have not been made public.

, though it’s unclear exactly when; both the pregnancy and birth were kept secret.

The two were married in 2013 after five years of dating.