Consolidating data warehouses

This global view eliminates the need for disjointed departmental applications, reducing long-term operating costs.

Our Data Warehousing & Mining solutions include: Query, OLAP & Reporting Our DWBI platform promotes a cohesive approach to decision-making by enabling managers from all departments to work with a common set of data while creating customized views to meet their unique needs.

It has since become the one-click solution for data movement in our Enterprise Data Warehouse environment for CDS.

Our DWBI services include: Data Warehousing & Mining Tantus builds DWBI solutions that capture data from across an organization to deliver a global, unified view.

Tantus offers Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DWBI) solutions that help deliver a unified view of data across disparate systems, applications, and geographically dispersed groups.

We understand data access is essential for decision making; as a result, our DWBI solutions focus on providing access to real time information.

That doesn’t mean we should throw out the concept of data warehousing altogether, though.

In fact, there’s a better way to do it that is built on proven development practices, provides value as you go, and feels like less of a massive undertaking: an iterative data warehouse. First, stop thinking about all the data you have that you want to access.