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Never And, there is nothing romantic about the warm nights in Louisiana – I'm sweating profusely, I hardly feel beautiful once my hair starts to morph into an afro from the humidity, and don't bother coming near me, much less touching or kissing me. There is nothing sexy about the word N'awlins, and absolutely no one who remotely knows the city ever says it.

While descriptive of our illustrious city, the Yahoo Travel romance in New Orleans entry was followed by a series of fallacies.

Lie #1: "Balmy Southern nights combine for romantic only-in-N'awlins' strolls." This was the first time I'd ever heard of New Orleans nights being described as balmy.

The description of the "wrought-iron balconies, flickering streetlamps, and soaring oak canopies" sounded less like a travel description and more like the beginning of a Nora Roberts novel.

For a moment, I felt as though a shirtless Fabio would ride up to my wrought-iron balcony on a white horse to ask for my hand in marriage.