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Arthur Gredington was appointed modeller for animals of all kinds taking the credit for the superb work produced for his accurate and realistic animals.James Hayward also contributed to the high quality pieces as Decorating Manager from 1934 to Art Director from 1957, designing almost 3000 decorations, patterns and glazes.Incised into the still soft clay during manufacture, in which case the mark will show a slight ploughed-up effect and have a free spontaneous appearance.

162, height 25cm Lot 21 of the Lord Mackintosh Sale held at Sothebys, 2nd May 1967 costing £100.0.0 A late 18th Century Wood family Toby jug and cover, seated wearing a dark blue frock coat, his hair, eyebrows, jug and waistcoat all in deep green manganese, holding an foaming jug of ale, unmarked, height 26cm A late 18th Century Ralph Wood Toby jug, ordinary model with a roman nose, holding a jug on his left knee and raising a glass to his lips, wearing an brown coat and yellow breeches, impressed 51, height 25cm A late 18th Century Ralph Wood Toby jug, seated holding a frothing brown jug, his face and hands flesh coloured in manganese with a wart to his nose, his coat and breeches in tonal green, height 24cm Lot 23 of the Lord Mackintosh Sale held at Sothebys, 2nd May 1967 costing £130.0.0 A Clarice Cliff Patina Brookfield pattern large Isis vase circa 1933 hand painted with a stylised tree and cottage landscape over decorated with a pink splatter effect glaze, unmarked, height 30cm, restored.Printed marks transferred from engraved copper plates at the time of decoration.Most 19th-century marks are printed, often in blue under the glaze when the main design is also in underglaze are several general rules for dating ceramic marks, attention to which will avoid several common errors.The Antique Shop100 Bridge Road Sutton Bridge Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 9SA Telephone: 01406 350535 Email: [email protected] OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK9.00 -- 5.00CLOSED WEDNESDAY, SUNDAY & BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY Antique large pair of bisque figurines all in lovely colours and gilt decoration the figures dating from the late 19th / early 20th century with impressed numbers on the back.The figures are in lovely condition with very light rubbing on the gilt work, the lady having two small chips to the base these appear to have been done when made, the gentleman having small firing crack under the base please see photos.