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The Wild Run DLC will be launching November 17th, 2015.Gather with players from around the world to celebrate anything with wheels - from asphalt speedsters to off-road beasts and all kinds of motocycles.You and your crew must earn your ticket to The Summit, a continuous and itinerant championship all over the USA.

Axis Venison is considered by many to be the best-tasting venison.

When you enroll in WAPTX, you can choose how much Hera lab time you need: 90/120 days with our Flat model or even 90/120 hours with the On-Demand model.

The On-Demand model lets you use the lab at any time, enjoying new labs when they are available.

Our innovative design ensures that your magazine release will not be impeeded or affected by the hoslter.

The WAPTX course is a practice-based curriculum that comes integrated with Hera Lab.