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Farrah opted for off campus housing and lived at Madison House on 22nd Street.

During Fawcett’s freshman year, she was named one of the “Ten Most Beautiful Coeds On Campus,” becoming the first freshman in the school’s history to be chosen.

They spoke for the first time in 23 years," the source tells Us.

"They had a 40-minute phone conversation about her life, and the cancer and it was such a lovely moment for the two of them. They joked, and they got a little bit emotional." The source adds: "I think it was good given the current situation [for] closure, otherwise they never would've spoken again.

Based on the answers, she would choose one to go out with on a date paid for by the show.

The show became famous for some of the arguments that couples had over incorrect answers, racy, sometimes embarrassing responses and the innocent, naivete of many contestants.

Bob Eubanks, the show’s host, played perfectly off the couples and their answers, which only increased the enjoyability of the proceedings.

Many of “The Newlywed Game’s” questions dealt with “making whoopee,” the euphemism that producers used for sexual intercourse to circumvent network censorship.

“The Dating Game” — With Jim Lange as host, this timeless piece of TV history started in the mid-60s.