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In the 24th May diary entry on Park Shin Hye’s Cyworld, it wrote Although there weren’t any photos of them being pictured together, several photos that were taken at Seoul Forest on 25th May were posted on Park Hae Jin’s Cyworld.The venue and dates were totally identical and thus raising the suspicion of whether they were dating at Seoul Forest on that day.Park Hae Jin is a South Korean actor, singer, and model.Park is best known for his role in the MBC television series East of Eden where he plays Shin Myung-hoon, a ruthless man who steals another person's're awesome in all of them plus snow in the sea! luvya Man to man was so good...were amazing, handsome and funny duo with park sung wong......... When I saw Man to Man in Netflix, out of curiosity I click the movie. He is very handsome in uniform with a backward hat. You made cheese in a trap a series i can't stop watching. I watched the show man to man on Netflix but after few episodes had trouble with subtitles not working... I also watched and read his interviews, and this man is soooo down to earth! He will always be my favorite and no.1 korean actor of all time. I love Agent ~K~I hope we get season 2, couldn't get enough of the 16 episodes. GPS lost signal & ~P~ is on vacation for few weeks? This actor deserves the highest recognition for his acting skills. Man to man series are worth watching tooo cute and lovable in that drama....... He is one of the best actos who is continuously refining his craft. i really really you'll do another drama with Han Hyo Joo! i do watch your drama together over and over again cuz i can't get enough of your pairing with hyo joo.. hope i can't find bad write-ups about him since i get easily discouraged when a K actor have/had issues other than those whom i truly adored no matter what they do. I really really adore you, your acting, your character, all of them! I'm so in love with you more deeply now.....haish.... His character of being cold and yet has a soft side of him, makes your heart flutter. My wish is to see him when I go to Korea in September of next year. You play the character so amazing.(bad guys) I felt with the Person...i pray for a good ending ;____; my heart jumps so often...because it was so exciting. I watched the rest without subtitles just to see this handsome man! I hopeyou come to America sometime if not I'm coming to Korea! :) really hope he will have drama with choi yoon young as male and female lead. loving him more and more when watching my daughter seo yeong (got stuck on ho jeong and sang woo love story), bad guys (ur psycho's smile, omo), man from the star (feeling disappointed for his limited scenes), and still enjoying more dramas and films from him. Red October mission completed but ~K~ need to get the sattalite the next mission? Love him sooo much....acting skills were very amazing in cheese in the trap and bad guys..just perfectly suited for those potrays... What I like about him is that he does not stick into one genre. :) On top of that, I adore him so much and his charity works. Those who raise the same question on why Hae Jin hadn't been given any main lead until CITT, oh please ... hoping someday i'll be forever his great fan just like who i am with HJM. I was crying a lot to see the final episode :( I expected too much you could be together with hong in advance. In Hae Jin’s case, he is so popular in China from previous dramas that Chinese fans made this particular drama one of the most popular of 2015 despite not having aired at the time.With such popularity however, gossip is sure to follow.

WM Entertainment released a statement on Thursday, January 14, pertaining to the rumors spreading like wildfire, as reported by “We plan to sue the news outlet in question today or tomorrow.

Korean netizens are at it again and this time, they think that actor Park Hae Jin and actress Park Shin Hye are an item apparently basing it on evidence from their respective Cyworld entries that links them together indirectly.

One Korean netizen posted on a forum yesterday, recent photos from Park Hae Jin’s Cyworld and a recent diary entry from Park Shin Hye’s Cyworld, sharing with the world the possibility that they might be dating.

i'm one of your new fans in America and i just discovered you lately & am addicted to your projects already! Hope there is going to be another season of Man to Man! He portrayed all of his characters so well, from 1) famous chil princesses to 2) East of eden to 3) My Love from the Star to 4) Doctor Stranger to 5) Bad Guys to 6) Cheese in the Trap and to 7) Man to Man. seen his works but pairing him with lead actresses is a NO CLICK for me.

right now am watching cheese in the trap & just finished doctor stranger! I think he can basically be perfect in everything he does. Well, I basically did a marathon of all these after watching him in My Love From The Star. maybe a little older or same age actresses is a match for him. and i think i'm going to start rooting with this man.