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Politicians can also use GSM Database in Nigeria to inform their followers about their political ambition and use it for successful political campaign. With our numbers database you are very sure of cheap and effective marketing of your products and services. Some Local Governments are not available because we could not get access to phone numbers’ details in such local government, but we are working round the clock to get the few local government not captured.In this episode, we talked with Eric, a Nigerian gay man who opened up about a homophobic experience he had in Nigeria.He told No Strings in an interview about how he connected with someone online via “I was in Nigeria, studying for my master’s, and at some point, I got really bored and decided to chat up on the Internet via, and there I met a young man.

These databases come in this format: Numbers, Names, State, Local Government, and Sex for Each Local Government are available; you can call these numbers for confirmation.

Nigeria is one of the 38 African countries that have criminalized homosexuality.

In January 2014, it enacted a law misleadingly titled the “Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act.” The law prescribes a 10-year jail term for public displays of love between people of the same sex and for anyone belonging to an LGBTIQ organization.

She could be seen in the CCTV trying to get on to the crowded platform as the passenger train pulled up, but she was unaware of the noise of the locomotive while busy chatting on her mobile phone, with her earphones plugged in.

When she finally became aware of the danger, she attempted to move towards the platform, but realising she didn’t have enough time to climb on to it, she changed direction, and she was hit from behind.