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China's National People's Congress, has approved a set of draft law amendments and bills, aiming at adjusting many controversial laws and rules.

These also impose tougher punishments for some of the worst offenses.

These Rothschild WZs are very crafty and have conned and used the average Judaic, transforming a significant portion of them into ardent World Zionists which is actually against the best interest of Judaics in the long run.

In order to transform so many Judaics into ardent WZs they have made a heavy duty subconscious transaction with them.

But you have to help Americans get there first, and pee hookers is the gateway drug to that.

(SIDENOTE: Think also about Trump’s evangelical supporters — they might talk to people about Trump’s alleged, probable, likely anti-American collusion with Russia, then it’s totally OK to lead with the pee stuff and make memes about it and just generally enjoy the gift God has given you, with #Golden Showers Watersports Pee Pee Gate.

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Sextortion refers to the broad category of sexual exploitation in which abuse of power is the means of coercion, as well as to the category of sexual exploitation in which threatened release of sexual images or information is the means of coercion.

May the 9-11-01 Perps be forever damned and shamed for what they have done on 9-11-01, and for manipulating America into all the phony Mideast wars afterwards which has caused so much painful death and horrible human suffering in Soldiers and innocent civilians alike.

Now we will explain to you how the WZs have conned, manipulated and mind-kontrolled many Judaics to do their dirty work without a full understanding of the damage they are doing to the American Society and the American Economy.

Today, yr Dok Zoom wrote you a nice long analysis of the intelligence dossier from the nice old British former MI6 spy guy, about how it sure looks like Donald Trump (allegedly) colluded with Russia during the election, that Russia actively helped him win, that Russia’s been cultivating Trump for YEARS, and oh also HAHAHA ALLEGEDLY TRUMP HIRED SOME RUSSIAN HOOKERS TO PLAY PEE-PEE GAMES FOR HIS SEXUAL AMUSEMENT AND THIS IS PROBABLY ON TAPE! But you have Americans’ reality show-binging, trans fat slurping attention with HAHA WILL DONALD TRUMP’S (ALLEGED) WEE-WEE HOOKERS PERFORM AT HIS INAUGURATION?

Dok’s point in the former piece is that as hilarious as HAHAHA ALLEGEDLY PEE-PEE GAMES really is, it’s the active collusion with a hostile power (ahem, cough cough, TREASON? So, when discussing the constitutional crisis we are having, with your plumber or with the old lady who sits next to you at Bible study, you should definitely start with the pee hooker stuff. The obvious truth is that the evidence of years of the Kremlin cultivating Trump, and the two camps colluding (the report even says the Trump campaign PAID THE HACKERS, oh my god), is indeed more important than how Trump allegedly likes it when ladies pee in his general direction.