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Once the file is completely downloaded, run the installation file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the driver on your system.Your display may blink several times in the process.Solution to avoid this kind of errors is to update your systems graphics card driver. Your system may have Graphics card of Intel or NVIDIA or any company.

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Kindly refer the Du OS System requirements Barely understand any of that.

This guide is designed to help you update your laptop's video card drivers. Newer drivers can improve 3D performance, fix bugs and other graphical glitches in certain games, support new features, and use your hardware more efficiently.

This guide applies to: -ATI Mobility Radeon -NVidia Ge Force This guide DOES NOT apply to: -ATI Fire GL -Nvidia Quadro This is the general process for updating video drivers ATI DRIVERS Choices: -Stock drivers from your Manufacturer -Stock ATI Catalyst Mobility Driver Suite* -Modified Omega Drivers -Stock ATI Drivers (need to be installed manually) WINDOWS XP DRIVERS -Link to Omega Drivers Downloads -Direct Link to download ATI Catalyst Mobility drivers for Windows XP The install is fairly straightforward for these drivers; download the package and refer to the general instructions at the top of the page.

My system also meets your requirements specified in the System Requirements post. Du OS will install and run on platforms which has Open GL 3.0 or greater.

Kindly refer the Du OS System requirements Dear sir, Ran the Device info as following; =========================================== Du OSUtility v1.0.0 Copyrights American Megatrends Inc 2014. Net Version Minor : 0 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Press any Key to Exit ... My PC is a i3 Laptop and I upgraded to the latest drivers (Intel), but your installer still has a problem.